This is a family owned dairy/arable farm on the island of Jersey comprising approximately 220 acres.

The herd is all year round calving.

There are 190 pedigree Jersey cows yielding over 6200 litres per lactation at 5.20% fat and 3.76% protein (curtailed due to Island quota restrictions). The farm annually produces around 1 million litres of quality Jersey milk and as yields and production rise we can reduce numbers while maintaining production and improving efficiency - creating genuine surplus stock to sell.

Cows are grazed and buffer fed silage and vegetables using a tub mixer for TMR ration.

Milking is twice a day through a 16/16 herringbone parlour.

The current breeding policy is to use the best sires that offer a blend of production and type, only the best cows are bred from, after careful scrutiny of their production (milk and components, cell counts, fertility and overall conformation) with sexed semen used and beef on the remainder. Currently we are using sires like Chrome, Barnabas, Yegabomb, Lemonhead, Oliver P, Riley and Joel. With small groups of heifers grazed around the island for much of the year on rented land we also tend to run a well bred stock bull with heifers.

Premier Exhibitor – 2011 Island Shows

Trinity Manor Farm Ltd completely dominated the 2011 Island cattle shows, and have won the prestigious Exhibitors Perpetual Championship Cup for the most points gained during the 2011 show season.
Points are awarded for each prize won, and Trinity Manor Farm Ltd amassed an amazing 96 points over the two shows, more than double to the nearest competitor who scored 46 points.

Trinity Excitation Climax ET – first “International” to win an Island Show in-milk class

Trinity Excitation Climax ET was not only the first animal by imported international Jersey genetics to be shown in milk at an Island show – this was at the Spring Show on 11th June 2011 – but she also went on to win the class against the ten other heifers in milk. Trinity Manor Farm Ltd therefore made history for the second year running – 2010 being the first time when one of their yearling heifers was the first by an international sire  to win a class at an Island cattle show. 


trnity manor perfector skippy
trinity manor youngstock
Trinity On Time Climax - Oct 2015

CONTACT US - Martin Shipley (Farm Manager)
Trinity Manor Farm Office, Trinity Manor, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5JP, Channel Isles.


Tel: 01534 867863

cows grazing at Trinity manor